Puppy Why Do I Love You? - Children's Narrated Story Book 1.1

Puppy Why Do I Love You? - Children's Narrated Story Book 1.1



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Date Added:09 March, 2014

Author: Mad Moment Media

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For less than the price of a coffee you can keep the children occupied whilst you are travelling, waiting in line or for those moments when they are just plain bored. Simply download this fun picture story book hand them your phone and allow them to discover why Puppy is so loved.

Puppy is just SO naughty! He hides socks, he jumps into warm soapy baths, he leaves muddy paw prints all over the place. So why do I love him? Read the book to find out why.

There are three ways you can enjoy this book:
œRead to me - listen to the author narrate this story of love and friendship
œRead it myself - encourages children to experience the joy of reading for themselves
œAuto read - not only allows you to listen to the story but also turns the pages for you

Please note:
The œread to me function is set by default to œauto-read. This can be changed in the info screen.

Benefits include:
- Enhanced for reading on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
- Auto-read allows even the youngest child to enjoy this book on their own and encourages older children to discover the joy of reading along with the words
- Invisible book mark feature allows you to continue reading from where you left off or choose to start the story again and is activated each time you open up the story.
- Swipe each page to turn them just like a real book
- Help teach reading to kids in a fun way
- Improve reading skills by following the words as it is narrated
- Written by a worldwide published children™s author
- Narration by the author
- Longer than the average traditionally published picture book at 15 pages!

This book has been exclusively written for Mad Moment Media Ltd as part of their narrative picture book series by children™s author Lynne Garner. Lynne has sold thousands of traditionally published books worldwide including Australia, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Korea, Netherlands, UK and the USA.

What our customers are saying about our apps:

Captain and Nugget:
œMy Children love this story and want to know when more will be available?"

The Enormous Carrot (free mini story):
"My nephew loves this book! The read to me feature is brilliant, it's helping him to read! I'm off to purchase the longer stories.

Within weeks of being released both 'Captain and Nugget' and 'The Enormous Carrot' appeared in the 'What's Hot' section in the iTunes store and 'The Enormous Carrot' reached number 26 in the top free book apps!

Visit http://madmomentmedia.com for more information about our titles.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 3.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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